The MAGNUS search and rescue company reported Saturday that a distress signal was received from five Israeli travelers in north-eastern Argentina. The five were evacuated to a hospital by local emergency services and received medical treatment. Two of the injured women spent the night in the hospital while the others were released.

The car

The car Photo Credit: Magnus International Search and Rescue

A vehicle carrying five Israeli travelers in Argentina was involved in an accident, MAGNUS, a search and rescue company, stated on Saturday. The off-road vehicle overturned on Road 40 in the north-eastern part of Argentina, near the city of Villa Gobernador Gálvez, an area with no cellular reception. The injured received medical treatment and were transferred to a local hospital.

The Israeli travelers used a satellite phone to contact the search and rescue company. MAGNUS said that “upon receiving the distress signal, we immediately coordinated with the local emergency services to send a medical team to the travelers and give them initial medical treatment while working with a local MAGNUS’ representative, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the insurance companies.”

A local ambulance evacuated the five Israelis to the hospital. Two of the women who were injured spent the night at the hospital while the others were released with only minor bruises.