On the night of February 25th, Rabbi Gabriel Davidovichwas assaulted along with his wife in his home in the neighborhood of Once in the Argentine capital.

In a recent interview the 60-year-old rabbi, father of seven, recounted what happened that fateful night, “I woke up in a fright to the sound of noises from the bathroom adjacent to my bedroom. I went to the bathroom, and there I found myself facing a man who came through the bathroom’s narrow window, which overlooks the street.

“I tried to fight him. I ran to the entrance of the home, opened the door and yelled ‘Help!’ At that moment, the rest of the gang came into the house, seven in total. They put me face-down on the floor. I begged them to let me breathe. They covered my head and started stepping on me and kicking me. This is when I lost consciousness,” said Rabbi Davidovich.

According to the AMIA Jewish community center, Davidovich, Argentina’s chief rabbi since 2013, was “beaten and savagely attacked by a group of strangers who entered his house,” at 2 o’clock in the morning. Davidovich’s wife was tied up during the break-in and the assailants stole money and other possessions from the home while also telling Davidovich “We know that you are the AMIA Rabbi.”

Last week, the Buenos Aires City police arrested the 6th of the alleged attackers of Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich. The 53-year-old man was arrested at a house in the Villa Riachuelo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. In the residence the police found was a 9-millimeter Beretta pistol and a 22-millimeter revolver and a forged badge from Buenos Aires City police According to reports, this was the man who drove the rest of the attackers to the rabbi’s house.

After several weeks recuperating from a punctured lung and broken bones, Rabbi Davidovich has resumed his rabbinical duties.