Argentina’s Chief Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich, has been severely beaten in his home in Buenos Aires in the early hours of Monday morning and has been hospitalized with serious injuries.

According to the AMIA Jewish community center, Davidovich, Argentina’s chief rabbi since 2013, was “beaten and savagely attacked by a group of strangers who entered his house,” at 2 o’clock in the morning. Davidovich’s wife was tied up during the break-in and the assailants stole money and other possessions from the home while also telling Davidovich “We know that you are the AMIA Rabbi.”

Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu has condemned the brutal attack, “We must not allow anti-Semitism to raise its head,” said the Israeli leader. “I strongly condemn the latest anti-Semitic acts and I call on the international community to fight against them.”

“I send my wishes for a speedy recovery to the chief rabbi of Argentina, Rabbi Gabriel Davidovich and his wife who were brutally attacked,” Netanyahu wrote on his Twitter account.