The state witness in one of the Netanyahu investigations told associates before signing the agreement with the prosecution that he is not looking to “put the blame” on the Israeli prime minister. “It’s not that I broke the law together with Netanyahu,” he added.

Harow and Netanyahu

Harow and Netanyahu Photo Credit: Miriam Alster/Flash 90/Channel 2 News

The political storm surrounding the investigations into Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu continues following the decision of Ari Harow, Netanyahu’s former chief of staff who was one of the closest people to the prime minister, to sign a deal with the state prosecutor, agreeing to serve as a state witness. Three days before he signed the agreement, Harow told his close associates his version of events.

Today (Sunday), Harow’s comments to his associates were revealed: “It’s not similar (to the Shula Zaken case), it’s not that I broke the law together with Netanyahu and am now looking to put the blame on him in order to escape prosecution,” said Harow. “I am being blamed for an offense that is unrelated to him and that in my opinion, I did not do.”

“The choice is not between whether he goes to prison or I do, but whether I go to prison for no reason or I do not,” explained Harow with regard to his decision to become a state witness. “The definition of a state witness is someone from the inside who turns over his boss. This is not true. Case File 2000 is not a case that I opened. It is something that fell upon me unwillingly when I was there. My ability to talk or talk to the police is irrelevant.”

As to the information he gave the police, Harow explained: “In real time, I did not know that these are criminal offenses, and even now, I do not pretend to (be able to) say so. That’s why the claim that this is ‘opening (a front)’ on Netanyahu is untrue. This is not even in my vocabulary.”

Harow was head of Netanyahu’s office following the 2009 election and was the prime minister’s chief of staff in 2014. He began working with Netanyahu in 2002, at only 29 years old, when he became Netanyahu’s Foreign Relations and Donations consultant.