It was recently released for publication that the terrorist who murdered Itamar Ben-Gal in the Ariel stabbing attack is a 19-year-old Israeli-Arab from Jaffa. Israeli Defense Minister: “We’ll stop this wave of violence.”

Scene of the terror attack

Scene of the terror attack Photo Credit: Hillel Maeir/TPS

The preliminary investigation into Monday’s stabbing attack in Ariel indicates that the terrorist who carried out the attack is a 19-year-old Israeli-Arab from Jaffa. The terrorist reportedly divided his time between his mother’s home in Israeli territory and his father’s home in the Palestinian Authority’s territory.

A few hours following the terror attack, Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman spoke about the wave of violence that has plagued Israel over the past few weeks. “We’ll obviously stop this wave,” Lieberman said. “We’ve always known how to deal with this.”

Lieberman continued by blaming leaders of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah for the terror attacks. “This terror attack is the direct outcome of incitement from Fatah and Palestinian Authority officials,” Lieberman claimed. “The way I see it, the very attacker who participated in the murder of Rabbi Shevach, that same Ahmad Jarrar, all of the officials went to console the family.”