After he was arrested on suspicion of sex offences, Itamar Shimoni was released on house arrest for the next 2 weeks. When leaving the detention facility, he said: “I want to return to the city I love so much.” According to the investigation, he committed sexual offences against several women.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Ashkelon Mayor Itamar Shimoni, who is suspected of committing sexual offences and acts of corruption, was released today (Friday) on house arrest for 2 weeks. While leaving the detention center, he stated: “I want to go back to my wife and children and to the city I love so much.”

According to the evidence in the investigation, it appears that Shimoni sexually assaulted 4-5 women. A suspect who was arrested in the case admitted that he saw the agreement Shimoni’s attorney reached with one of the women, in order to buy her silence. During Shimoni’s house arrest, he is forbidden from entering the municipal building. Shimoni requested to undergo a polygraph test but his request has not yet been approved.

According to the suspect who was arrested, Shimoni promised to pay half a million shekels to one of the women, in order to keep her quiet.

During his interrogation, Shimoni admitted that he had sexual relations with a number of women. He claimed that his relationships with them had nothing to do with his position in the city. However, according to the evidence that was collected, during these sexual relations, sexual offences were committed. In addition to the sexual offences, Shimoni was arrested on the suspicion of committing acts of corruption.