Today (Thursday), Syrian President Bashar al-Assad claimed in an interview with Syrian newspaper Al-Watan that the US government offered him full legal immunity.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad revealed in an interview that the US government offered him to step down in return for legal immunity.
Photo credit: Syrian Arab News Agency/ Channel 2 News

The offer was revealed towards the end of the interview, when asked about his future as President of a country that has suffered almost 6 years of civil war and has already cost the lives of approximately half a million Syrians.

According to Assad, the US offered him to step down as president and leave to any country that he chooses and will accept him and in return he would receive full legal immunity in the International Criminal Court in the Hague. In addition, he stated that countries like Qatar and Turkey offered his wife Asma to move. Assad said that he hasn’t left Syria since the beginning of the war other than his sole visit to Russia.

Assad close to victory in Aleppo.
Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

When asked whether Israel was still Syria’s only enemy, Assad replied: “The word ‘enemy’ describes a country which occupies your land, not a country which follows a hostile policy…Israel alone remains the enemy.”

Assad stated that he will reject a ceasefire in the key rebel city of Aleppo as his army is close to victory. He admitted that winning the city would be a major step towards ending the war.