Syrian President Bashar al-Assad who usually stays in a secure location in Damascus, traveled today (Sunday) for Hama to participate in a local mosque’s Eid al-Fitr prayer ending the month of Ramadan.

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Today (Sunday), Syrian President Bashar al-Assad left his secure compound in Damascus for a rare visit outside the city to Hama for an Eid al-Fitr prayer, marking the end of Ramadan. Assad’s trip to Hama is the farthest distance he has travelled within Syria in recent years, and according to experts, this tour is a sign of confidence in his control over the country.

Syrian TV networks broadcast pictures of Assad praying in a mosque with dozens of other worshipers, accompanied by captions claiming the tour proves that the old sense of security will return to Syria, soon.  “Victory is a few steps away,” claimed Assad’s men, who were 185 km outside the president’s safety zone in Damascus.

Since 2015, the Syrian civil war has been pointed towards Assad’s favor, who has Russian support and assistance by air, as well as Lebanese and Iranian Shiite forces on the ground. Hundreds of thousands have been killed in this war and millions have left their homes in a tsunami of immigration that has caused social crises in many countries.

Bashar al-Assad was greeted by supporters

Bashar al-Assad was greeted by supporters Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Yet, despite all this, the conflict is still far from being solved as the rebel forces still hold large parts of Syria. As previously reported by JOL, in recent days, fighting between the Syrian army and rebels near the Israeli border in Quneitra spilled over, provoking a response from Israel. In the eastern part of the country, east of Damascus, there are still territories under rebel control near Rastan, but the Assad army’s recapture of Aleppo constituted a dose of morality for the Syrian Alawite regime.