During an interview with AFP, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad addressed for the first time claims regarding the chemical attack that killed about 150 and injured hundreds more: “100 percent fabrication.”

AFP interview with Bashar al-Assad

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Directly responding for the first time to the chemical massacre on Idlb, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said today (Thursday) that reports about the chemical weapons attack are “100 percent fabrication.” He also added that the Syrian army gave up their arsenal several years ago. The news was published shortly after the Syrian army claimed today that the US bombed a stockpile of toxic gas in Eastern Syria.

During an AFP news agency interview, Assad stated that Washington is not serious about ending the conflict in his country: “The US isn’t serious in achieving any political situation. They want to use it as an umbrella for the terrorists,” Assad added. He also said that he is willing to let neutral entities check if a chemical weapons attack did in fact take place.

Assad: We gave up our arsenal

Assad: We gave up our arsenal Photo Credit: SKY News/Channel 2 News

The chemical weapons attack from 10 days ago led to an airstrike which the US carried out last week. This is Syrian President’s first statement regarding the chemical attack after it was reported last week that he told an Iranian leader that his army did not carry out this attack.