Nasser Laham, an associate of Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen and senior level journalist in the Palestinian Authority, stated that this year will be a year of Palestinian appeals to The Hague: “If we succeed with one, only one, then it will be another world.”

Photo Credit: Palestinian Media Watch

Thousands crammed last night into Bethlehem’s churches but the real happiness on the Palestinian street was not surrounding what happened 2,000 years ago but what happened a few days ago. Also now, they are still trying to absorb the significance of the UN Security Council Resolution for the Palestinians. It appears thus far that the UN Security Resolution has two practical consequences with the first one relating to the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

“2017 will be a year of proceedings at The Hague,” Nasser Laham, a senior level journalist and associate of Palestinian Authority Chairman Abu Mazen, stated. “We have hundreds of sheets with the names of IDF officers. Every pilot, every officer and every soldier with his picture and his name is in our possession and we are waiting for them at The Hague. If we succeed with one, only one, then it will be another world.”

In recent days, Laham called upon the masses to rise up via his television channel: “The Intifada needs to be in another form. I say to my people in direct broadcasts to be in suits and ties and we will take the Israelis to The Hague. We will put handcuffs on their hands. Don’t use violence. Don’t blow up yourselves. Only wait. They will give us another chance.”

At the same time that these efforts are ongoing, there are those on the Palestinian street that are trying to turn the UN Security Council victory into a practical achievement for the Palestinians. They have called upon many countries in the world and also upon Palestinians in the territories to boycott settlement products while also calling upon Palestinians to stop working in the settlements.  

“If the settlements will not be upon Palestinian land but only in Israel, we are ready to have a connection with them,” Yosef Issachara, a resident of Bethlehem, stated. “But the settlements occupy our land and irritate us in the West Bank. I support boycotting products that come out of these settlements.” 

However, other Palestinians including the major Palestinian movements do not want a connection with Israel even if they withdraw to the 1967 Armistice Lines. In response to the UN Security Council Resolution, Palestinian Media Watch reported that Fatah posted a picture to their Facebook page of a hand holding a knife with blood running down underneath it beside the word Palestine alongside a map that does not differentiate between what lies over the green line and what doesn’t beside a thank you note to the 14 countries that voted in favor of the UN Security Council resolution. These countries include Russia, Angola, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, Egypt, Malaysia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Senegal, Uruguay, France, China and Great Britain.

In response to this post, Palestinian Media Watch stated: “Is Fatah thanking the 14 countries for their UN vote because they are interpreting that the UN granted Fatah permission to kill Israelis? Or is Fatah thanking them for now that the UN declared that the settlements are illegal, it sees itself as free to kill more Israelis? Either way, Fatah is saying that Israelis will pay with their lives because of the UN vote.”

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