A terrorist dressed up as Santa Claus entered a popular club last night in Turkey, opened fire and killed 39 people among them 16 foreigners. 40 others were wounded.

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At least 39 people were killed and 40 others were wounded in a terror attack that occurred last night in a popular club located in Istanbul. According to the report, an armed terrorist dressed up as Santa Claus came to the Reina Club, fired at a police officer standing at the entrance, succeeded to infiltrate inside and massacred people who came to enjoy themselves. There were about 400 to 500 people in the club. At this point, it is not known who is behind the terror attack.

Following the terror attack, many police forces arrived at the scene of the terror attack and ambulances also came in order to provide medical assistance to the injured, who were evacuated to local hospitals. Turkish Police Special Forces accompanied by explosive experts surveyed the area in order to ensure that an explosive device was not in the area. The Israeli Foreign Affairs Ministry announced that an Israeli woman was moderately injured in the terror attack. A search is underway in order to locate another Israeli woman who has been missing since the terror attack.

Scene of terror attack in Istanbul

Scene of terror attack in Istanbul Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“Before I realized what had happened, my husband fell on me together with the bodies of party-goers before I escaped from them and fled outside,” one of the eye-witnesses who was present told the Associated Press.

The Reina Club is located near the Bosporus. It is considered one of the most popular nightclubs among tourists and locals. The Istanbul City Governor Vasip Sahin arrived on site and told reporters that “the terrorist came to the club armed with a weapon and fired wildly on dozens of innocent people who only wanted to enjoy the initiation of the New Year.”

Turkey has suffered in recent months from terror attacks implemented by ISIS. These terror attacks have occurred because Turkey is a member of the American-led coalition against the murderous terror group. After the terror attack, the US government strongly condemned it and stressed that the White House will provide “appropriate assistance to the Turkish authorities.”