Several shots were fired this morning at the US embassy in Ankara, Turkey’s capital. Reportedly only one window was hit, but no one was injured.

The shooting took place around five in the morning, followed by Turkish police teams searching for the marksmen who fled the scene in a white car immediately after the shooting.

The incident in Ankara deepened the chasm between Turkey and the United States, the first violence in relations between the two countries since the United States imposed sanctions on Turkey after its refusal to release American pastor Andrew Branson, accused of involvement in the attempted coup against President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the summer of 2016.

US sanctions have further damaged the Turkish lira, which has suffered a sharp devaluation since the beginning of the year, and President Erdogan said the United States stabbed Turkey in the back by waging an economic war.

Last week, the first signs of popular protest against the US In Turkey were seen following Erdogan’s call for the Turks to boycott US electronics, and buy Samsung or Turkish smartphones instead of iPhone handsets. The Turks have sent social videos to social networks where they appear to be breaking iPhones with hammers, sticks, pistols and sharp objects. In another video that seeks to challenge US products, a Turkish boy seems to be pouring a bottle of Coke directly into the toilet.