A Palestinian terrorist who approached Israel Border Police officers was neutralized after trying to stab soldiers. The circumstances are being examined.

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Israeli rescue forces rushed to the scene of an attempted terror attack this morning after receiving reports that a security incident took place. The Palestinian terrorist was shot and neutralized after trying to stab soldiers. No one else was injured in the incident. At first, it was also reported that he was armed with a grenade and pistol but afterwards, it became clear that the terrorist did not carry an additional weapon on him aside from the knife. 

The Israeli forces stated that the terrorist ran towards them with a knife while shouting. One of them responded with gunfire and managed to shoot the terrorist, who is a resident of Hebron in his 20’s. “An examination of the evidence in the area showed that there was no grenade and no pistol,” the Israel Border Police stated. 

Photo Credit: Hebron Security Division/Channel 2 News

The Israeli soldier who neutralized the terrorist recalled: “During the morning shift at around 8:30am, a terrorist appeared with a knife drawn in his hand. He began to shout and ran towards us cursing. Me and another soldier fired selective shots at the terrorist and he fell to the ground. In the end, we closed off the area.” The terrorist was evacuated to Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem in moderate condition.