Attempt made over the last few days by the US, EU and the Arab League to lead Morsi’s supporters and representatives of the government into negations have failed.

Under Secretary of state leaves having failed.

Under Secretary of state leaves having failed. Photography: Reuters

William Barnes, under Secretary of State, has been trying to mediate between the Muslim Brothers and the government in Egypt, but today (Wednesday) he leaves the country after the authorities in Cairo announced: “The talks – failed”.   

Barnes and members of his team have been talking over the past few days to members of government and members of the Muslim Brothers movement, together with other diplomats from Europe and representatives of the Arab League, but according to announcements from both sides, the efforts did not bear fruit.

Interim Egyptian President Adali Mansur confirmed this morning that the diplomatic efforts had failed and blamed the Muslim Brothers. He warned that Morsi’s supports might bear the consequences. 

Morsi supporters, continue to protest.

Morsi supporters, continue to protest. Photography: AP

Europe will continue trying to return Egypt to Democracy

Muslim Brothers protests were held in Egypt last night, threatening to escalate the protests and struggle against the regime. Morsi’s supporters declared that the protest that has been going on for the last 5 weeks, demanding the return of Morsi and his government, will continue in two areas of Cairo.

The Egyptian authorities claim that they are losing their patience towards protesters and are threatening the use of force to remove them. Since Morsi’s dismissal, 300 have been killed including the 80 shot by security forces on the 27th of July.

European Union Foreign Minister Katherine Ashton released a statement, conveying optimism: “Europe will continue to do all it can to try and encourage the people to start a dialog, it is very important to return to a democratic regime in Egypt”.