The Orlando Police Department released the recordings of the calls between Omar Mateen, the terrorist who murdered 49 people at Pulse nightclub in June, and the negotiator. In the conversations, Mateen mentions the US-led attacks in Syria and Iraq against ISIS.

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The Orlando Police Department released the audio tape recordings of the conversations between the police negotiator and Pulse nightclub terrorist Omar Mateen. In June, Mateen murdered 49 people at the popular Orlando nightclub.

In the beginning of the recording, Mateen sounds calm but he eventually gets frustrated and becomes angry. The police department believes that he made the call in order to declare that he committed the terror attack in the name of ISIS and falsely claim that he planned explosive devices in the area. Before he was eliminated, Mateen swore allegiance to ISIS.

During the negotiations, Mateen complained about the US-led coalition attacks in the Middle East against ISIS. In one of the calls, he said: “So what am I to do here when my people are getting killed over there? You get what I’m saying?”

The transcripts of the conversations were released shortly after the attack but this is the first time that the public has heard the recordings of Mateen’s statements.