Back in October, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s said his country was considering recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Now it’s coming to fruition!

According to a report by Australian media. Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Cabinet will recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel tonight.

The report states that last night the Australian government approved the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and that today the Cabinet is expected to ratify the decision and a formal announcement will be made on Wednesday.

However, according to the newspaper, the embassy will not be relocated in the near future due to the costs of relocating at $200 million.

Instead, Australia plans to open a consulate in the Israeli capital instead of relocating the embassy.

In this way, Australia would join the small but growing list of countries that recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. The list includes the United States, Guatemala, the Czech Republic and Honduras.

According to Morrison’s statements back in October, Australia’s former ambassador to Israel, Dave Sharma, had been instrumental in pushing this consideration. Morrison announced that he intends to discuss this option with his government’s cabinet in the coming months.

“In previous discussions, the premise was that you couldn’t address the issue without risking or damaging the final outcome” of negotiations for a two-state solution. However, the former ambassador’s intervention had a positive effect on seeing that this could be decided without affecting Australia’s position on the solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.