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Thursday, January 14, 2021
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Report claims Iranian-backed militants are dressing as Syrian soldiers to avoid IDF attention

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Iranian-backed forces are circumventing Israel and Russia’s agreement to withdraw Iranian forces from Syria’s border...

Hamas ‘lost control’ over Gaza Strip, IDF Spokesperson says

The IDF Spokesperson added that the Israeli attack in response to the firing of projectiles from Gaza will continue to grow if necessary. ...

Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid claims Netanyahu is ‘tearing apart Israeli society from within’

In an interview with Hadashot’s “Six” news show, MK Yair Lapid, who heads the Yesh Atid party, claimed Netanyahu is using public funds to...

NATO Chief says the alliance won’t come to Israel’s aid if Iran attacks

Stoltenberg told Der Spiegel that NATO remains uninvolved in Middle Eastern security affairs.

Israeli PM says Iran should not be allowed to place military forces in Syria

Following Lavrov’s statement, the Israeli PM asserted that there is no place for Iran’s military forces in Syria.

Netanyahu is a ‘stinking Zionist warmonger,’ says North Korean FM

North Korean Foreign Minister Ri Yong-Ho accused Israel of trying to sabotage the Singapore summit.

Following Gaza clashes, BDS pressure online: Shakira cancels Tel Aviv performance

BDS supporters had taken to Twitter to urge the Colombian singer to cancel what was supposed to be her first performance in Tel Aviv....

IDF Southern Division official warns against apparent quiet at the border

The IDF commander said Israel needs to focus on bigger threats such as Iran and Syria and prevent escalation with Hamas. ...

Defense Minister Liberman expresses appreciation for Russia’s support of Israel

The two defense ministers discussed Israel’s security issues and agreed to continue an open dialogue between the two countries.

German state intelligence agency accuses Iranian government of continuing to develop WMDs

The state-level intelligence and investigation agency stated in a 354-page report that its efforts had resulted in “intensive intelligence on activities of Iran’s spy...