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Surprise military exercise launched in Golan Heights amid tensions

While the reservists who were called up were not informed about the drill ahead of time, the IDF is stressing that the exercise is...

Israeli startup continues to impress web publishers worldwide, increase their ad revenue

Founded in 2013 and based in central Israel, Adnimation is one of the leading global monetization services. However, Adnimation has several unique qualities that...

Israeli researchers develop ‘game-changing’ tech that could make computers run 100 times faster

Hebrew University researchers may have developed technology that will make computers and other optic communication devices run 100 times faster. “In the world of...

Police arrive at Netanyahu’s residence for another round of questioning

The Israel Police has already recommended that Netanyahu be indicted in two of the corruption cases.

Breaking News from Israel

Breaking: US President Donald Trump delivered a speech about the historic Singapore summit moments before he departed for Washington. After thanking South Korea, Japan,...

Shin Bet determines Afula stabbing was terror attack

The victim, an 18-year-old girl who was on her way to take a school exam, remains in critical condition.

All eyes on Singapore: Trump, Kim shake hands, sign ‘historic’ document

Trump is expected to reveal details when he addresses reporters in about two hours.

Israel’s senior ministers to convene for debate on Gaza crisis solutions

The meeting comes after four Palestinian protesters were killed over the weekend by Israeli fire during the violent border protests.

Watch: IDF elite unit rescues teenagers from deadly flash flood near Dead Sea

Over a month after the tragedy, the Israeli Air Force posted the video of the rescue on its English-language Twitter page. Video Credit: IDF...

Kim lands in Singapore ahead of historic US-North Korea summit

Trump is on his way to the same airport. The two will meet on Tuesday.