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UN passes resolution condemning Israel for ‘excessive use of force’ in Gaza

The resolution urges the UN to send an "international protection mechanism" to protect the Palestinians from the "Israeli occupation".

2 Palestinians injured, 8 arrested, when makeshift bomb accidentally explodes

The two were injured when they accidentally detonated the bomb that they were trying to build.

Eurovision drama: Jerusalem might not host next year’s song contest

According to Israeli MK Miri Regev, the 2019 Eurovision song contest should either be held in Jerusalem or not at all. ...

Argentina pulls out of Jerusalem soccer match amid Palestinian pressure

The Palestinians celebrated the cancellation and thanked the Argentinian players for "refusing to be used to serve a non-sporting goal.”

Despite recent crackdown on activists, first Saudi women now licensed to drive

The nationwide ban on female drivers will be lifted on June 24. Meanwhile, campaigners against the ban remain in jail.

IDF: Palestinian medic killed during Gaza protest was not shot intentionally

Initial results from the IDF investigation indicate that Razan al-Najjar was not killed from ‘deliberate or direct’ gunfire.

Gaza fires two rockets into Israel, breaking unilateral ceasefire by Hamas and PIJ

One mortar, headed for the Eshkol Regional Council, was intercepted by Israel's Iron Dome aerial defense system. The second reportedly landed within the Gaza...

Arkady Babchenko, reported dead less than 24 hours ago, faked his own death

The Ukranian Security Service reportedly staged Babchenko's death in order to catch the people really trying to kill him.

Breaking News from Israel

Breaking: The IDF is currently striking numerous Palestinian Islamic Jihad targets throughout the Gaza Strip in response to the attack from Gaza this morning....

Netanyahu: Israel will exact heavy price on those who wish us harm

After 30 mortal shells were fired towards Israel from the Gaza Strip, the Israeli security establishment is now planning its response. ...