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Saturday, November 17, 2018
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Palestinians Tortured by P.A. for Preventing Terror, Saving Israelis

PA Punishes Those that Sell Houses to Israelis

The Palestinian Authority is pressuring large clans in east Jerusalem to shun anyone selling houses and land to Jews in the eastern part of...
.Muslims seen at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, in Jerusalem's Old City, on their way to pray on the second day of the holy Muslim month of Ramadan. Jun 30 2014..

Jordan’s Wish to Flaunt Control of Temple Mount

Jordan has asked Israel to allow it to build a fifth minaret on the Temple Mount, on the eastern wall of the Mount, facing...
Hamas prepares to execute suspected collaborators in 2014.

Abuse Is a Norm in ‘Palestine’

More often than not, allegations of Israeli abuse take up all the headlines, leaving little room (or desire) to report on the verifiable abuses...

The Jewish NBA Commissioner Who Saved the Game

Today marks the 4th year since Jewish NBA Commissioner David Stern stepped down. Serving as commissioner for 30 years, he is considered to be...
hamas tunnel

The Tunnels of Terror

The IDF and the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip, led by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, are continuing to fight a “battle of wits”...
Palestinian Refugees

Why Aren’t the Arab States Taking the Palestinian Refugees?

The Right of Return, has always been an essential part of the Palestinian cause. It is always the outstanding bill that the PA demands...

The Dehumanization of Israel and “The Jews”

News reports documented in recent years anti-Jewish sermons in Canadian mosques and Islamic literature that contains anti-Semitic messages. The exposure of the younger generation...
Egypt's Intelligence Chief to Meet With Hamas

Testing Israel’s Patience

Friday, October 12, 2018, was particularly violent on the border of the Gaza Strip. Around 15,000 people participated in demonstrations in which seven Palestinians...
Iran VS Israel (Now the end begins screenshot)

Iran and Israel Don’t Want to Fight a War – Can They Avoid One?

Iran and Israel flags (The Conversation) After Donald Trump announced that the US would unilaterally pull back from the historic 2015 Iranian nuclear deal, Iranian...
Following a meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu (kremlin.ru) 2

Oped: Bibi’s Proof

On Friday, Iran responded to the speech Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu gave during the annual General Assembly of the United Nations in New...