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terrified Jew being chased and attacked in Jerusalem

Terrified Jew Chased and Attacked in Jerusalem

Posted on Twitter a few days ago there are hundreds of Arabic speakers celebrating this brief video clip of a Jew, wearing his prayer...

Self-Driving Cars Set to Take the Roads in 2019

The Volkswagen Group, Intel’s Mobileye and Champion Motors has announced plans to deploy Israel’s first self-driving ride hailing service in 2019. The Volkswagen Group...
trump game of thrones

The Heir to The Iron Throne

After the US administration officials announced that the second package of sanctions against Iran would resume on Nov. 5, the US president tweeted an...

‘Livin’ on Prayer’ Will Be Rocked Once Again

Bon Jovi will perform in Israel next summer, Haaretz reported on Tuesday.The planned date for the performance, July 25, 2019, was revealed by accident...

Cyber Virus Infiltrates Iran

The head of Iran’s civil defense agency announced on Sunday that a new version of the Stuxnet virus, believed to be a US-Israeli creation,...
Gaza Clashes

Sabbath Eve in Gaza

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVbA5yS9_mgClashes at the Gaza border which have been repeatedly taking place since late March, intensify during every Friday.Some 10,000 Palestinians are taking part in...

Israeli Pocket Device Tests Your Water at The Push of A Button

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFZm2Ok9CGsIt is said that the world wars of the future will be motivated not by gold or oil, but by the most valuable and...

Wrong to Blame Trump

Israeli Minister for Diaspora Affairs Naftali Bennett came to the defense of US President Donald Trump after the latter faced criticism following the Tree...

Jewish Democrat Senate Candidate Smeared

Matt Lesser, a Democrat state Senate candidate in Connecticut, has reportedly become the target of a smear campaign launched by his Republican rival, Ed...
Israel Spy System

Advanced Spy Technology Delivered to Saudi Arabia

Sputnik News - Saudi Arabia and Israel held covert meetings “in Washington and London,” which resulted in an estimated $250 million deal, including the transfer...