Yesterday, Israel’s Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation met with French Presidential Candidate Rama Yade, who was opposed to the Paris Conference that current French President Francois Hollande hosted: “It is forbidden to force peace because peace happens based on an agreement.”

Photo Credit: Ayoob Kara

Yesterday, Israel’s Deputy Minister for Regional Cooperation Ayoob Kara met with French Presidential Candidate Rama Yade, who is a former French Secretary of State.  According to him, “Yade expects to be elected President of France and is happy to bring about a new economic initiative instead of the Paris Peace Conference.” Yade told Kara: “It is forbidden to force peace because peace happens based on an agreement.”

Kara proclaimed that he is waiting for a change in the international order following the election of Donald Trump in the US: “I think that we are going to feel greener pastures with Trump.   It will give more options to the Saudi Coalition and the worldwide struggle against extremism. The whole conference in France was against Trump, Netanyahu and Israel. Now, that leadership is going to receive their pension. They finished their job.   Of course, it is important for us that everything is going to chance and we are going in a new direction that brings about hope. The new candidate in France is part of this. She looks very serious and wants to help Israel with everything.  She is going to support Israel from any position that she is elected to.”

According to Kara, “She thinks that Hollande made a big mistake with this conference.   She is sure that it does not mean anything except for making a declaration.   She thinks there is no way to make peace when you are pushing only one side and not two sides.   This conference had no Palestinians and no Israelis. This means that it gives zero chance to freedom and democracy in order to find a solution.  If you do a conference without a partnership, it means that it is not legitimate.  If Israelis and Palestinians are not there, what does this mean? That is her belief.”

The Deputy Minister noted that Yade immigrated to France from Senegal and as a result, she will be very sympathetic to the struggles faced by the Jewish minority in France: “Her advisers are Jewish.   She works with all of the minorities.  All of them know her very well. She is very close to the Jewish people. She is Muslim but she was educated by the church. Therefore, she is a very secular Muslim. There are a lot of people like her. They don’t want to be part of the extremism. The fact that she is Muslim and is against the extremism will make a greater difference than if she was Christian.”

In conclusion, Kara proclaimed: “Instead of dealing with Israel and the Palestinians, the world needs a conference about the war against ISIS and the genocide in Syria. Israel will put forward soon with the backing of the new American government a regional economic plan. This is the way to solve various problems including the Palestinian one but as of today, giving the Palestinians a state is an invitation for ISIS to come to Jerusalem.”