A one-year-old baby brought into the Emek Medical Center in Afula today presented severe symptoms of a violent infectious agent, died. The Israeli Ministry of Health has ordered preventative measures to be given for all persons in contact with the baby.


Illustration Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

A year- old baby was rushed to the Emek Medical Center Emergency Room in Afula this morning (Friday) suffering from high fever, vomiting and a rash covering her body. The baby’s level of consciousness was deteriorating and she arrived to the hospital already septic and in organ failure. For two hours, physicians attempted to resuscitate the baby but were unsuccessful.

Samples of the infectious agent have been sent to the laboratory to confirm the doctors’ suspicions that the baby was infected with meningococcus, a meningitis-causing bacterium. In some extreme cases, such as today, the bacteria can be aggressive causing sepsis, rapid deterioration and multiple-system organ failure.

The hospital will receive the lab results within 48 hours, but according to the Israeli Ministry of Health, all persons who came into contact with the baby have been given an anti-biotic as a preventive measure. The hospital expressed its sympathies for the baby’s family.