The Israeli boy who was saved by his Indian nanny from the deadly attack in the Mumbai Chabad house in 2008 returned to the scene where his parents were murdered on Thursday. He was accompanied not only by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his grandparents but also by his former nanny, Sandra Samuel.

Netanyahu and Moshe unveiling the new memorial site

Netanyahu and Moshe unveiling the new memorial site Photo Credit: Avi Ohayon/GPO

Moshe Holtzberg was not even two years old when he lost his parents in the 2008 Mumbai attack on Nariman House, the Chabad center in the city. This week, he returned to India for the first time since the terror attack, accompanied by his grandparents and Sandra Samuel, the Indian nanny who saved him. On Thursday, 11-year-old Moshe attended a ceremony at Nariman House alongside Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“My heart is beating and my heart is excited to return to the parents’ home in the renovated Chabad house, the house that is opened to everyone, Jews from all over the world who have found a warm place,” Moshe said during the ceremony. “I was born here and I grew up here on a mission. I was the beloved son of my parents. I’ve returned home, returned to my room after a nine-year break.”

The young boy then thanked Netanyahu for allowing him to join the historic Israeli delegation to India and invited him to come on his planned bar mitzvah trip to India in two years. “I would also like to thank Sandra, who saved me from the horror,” Moshe added. Netanyahu also praised Sandra, calling her a “wonderful woman with love for Israel.”

A few years after the attack, Sandra was granted honorary Israeli citizenship for her heroic action. Ever since, she has been living in Israel, where she continues to work as a nanny and maintains her relationship with Moshe.

The attack on Nariman House was one of the 12 attacks that took place during a four-day period in November 2008 in Mumbai. A total of 166 people were murdered in the attacks. The terrorists were members of a Pakistani terror group called Lashkar-e-Taiba.