After being eliminated from the EuroBasket championship following a loss to Georgia, Israel’s national basketball team returned to their rooms to discover they were robbed during the game.

Out of EuroBasket 2017 - Israel national basketball team

Out of EuroBasket 2017 – Israel national basketball team Photo Credit: ONE/Channel 2 News

It was a tough night for Israel’s national basketball team, and not just in the arena. After losing Tuesday night to Georgia in an important match that sealed its fate in the 2017 EuroBasket championship, the team discovered that their rooms were broken into. According to the team, many of the players’ valuable belongings were stolen. The team reported that the stolen items included jewelry, credit cards and cash.

Today, they will play opposite the national Ukrainian team but the match will only be protocol because the loss to Georgia eliminated them from the championship.

The match ended with a result of 70:67. The fourth quarter was the turning point of the game, when the Georgian team was able to overtake Israel and turn the result around after the Israeli team led the game during the first half.