The World Health Organization published an unprecedented report regarding breast-milk substitutes, calling all countries to stop advertising baby formula products. ‘We condemn all forms of advertising these substitutes; We must inform the public about the benefits of breastfeeding.’

‘Ban advertising of breast-milk substitutes’

‘Ban advertising of breast-milk substitutes’ Reuters/Channel 2 News

 Today (Monday), the World Health Organization published a special message in which it calls to prohibit the advertisement of baby formula and even added warning labels to the products about the dangers of withholding from breast-feeding.

According to the organization’s important message, their goal is to increase breast-feeding rates around the globe. The report reveals that 135 out of the 194 member countries have already taken steps in reducing advertisement of baby formulas and breast-milk substitutes.

In addition to the steps taken by the member countries of the organization, it is also suggested that babies be breast-fed until six months and continue being fed breast-milk along with solids until the age of two.

'Every mother has the right to know the dangers'

‘Every mother has the right to know the dangers’ Reuters/Channel 2 News

The baby-formula market is considered one of the largest markets in the world, ringing in about $45 billion per year, an amount that is expected to grow more than 55% to reach $70 billion by 2019.

“Mothers deserve the right to receive proper information to protect their children,” the World Health Organization added. “We cannot hide the truth: That there is no substitute for a mother’s milk.” It is important to note that there were huge gaps in the legislation between less and more developed countries.