Bangladeshi Sports Minister Shri Biren Sikder has attempted to bribe Mendi Safadi, the head of the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy, so that he will cease his efforts to support the Hindu minority within Bangladesh in the international community.

Photo Credit: Safadi Center for International Diplomacy

A senior level Bangladeshi government official has met with Mendi Safadi, the head of the Safadi Center for International Diplomacy. This official seeks for Safadi to support the government of Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina or at least not to work against it. Sports Minister Dr. Shri Biren Sikder met with Safadi and spoke with him at length about the issue accompanied by an adviser in Zurich. However, Safadi has refused to change his position so long as the Bangladeshi government oppresses minorities and supports terrorism: “We will continue to operate in the international arena in order to protect the minorities of Bangladesh.” It should be noted that the Bangladeshi government has been facing increased international pressure ever since the European Parliament accepted the demand to examine Bangladesh’s crimes against minorities and the arbitrary detention of human rights activists within the country.

Shipan Kumer Basu, the President of the Hindu Struggle Committee, told JerusalemOnline that the plight of the minorities in Bangladesh is presently very dire: “Hundreds of Hindus are being deported every day from Bangladesh and taking shelter in India. Over 20 temples and 300 minority homes have been destroyed. The present government is involved in torturing Hindus both directly and indirectly.  If the torture and deportation of minorities continues, I believe that within 20 years, there will be no Hindus in Bangladesh. Now, we the minorities (Hindu, Buddhist and Christian) are terrified from the situation. We believe that the international community has the capability to save our lives but all of the media and news channels are under the control of this autocratic government and we get threats from the leaders of the ruling party. Minority workers and journalists are continuously getting threatened to stop raising their voices against the torture of minorities.”

According to Basu, HT Imam has tried to link the Hindu community to the State of Israel and based on this excuse, the ruling regime seeks to deny them the right to live in Bangladesh. For this reason, Basu believes that the Bangladeshi government did not succeed to accomplish anything during their meeting with Safadi: “HT Imam, your action worked against Sports Minister Shri Biren Sikder who met with Safadi in order to beg for support for your present government. Unfortunately, your minister went home with empty hands.” It should be noted that Mr. Aslam Choudhury, a leader in the BNP, got arrested and is in custody merely for meeting with the very same Mendi Safadi.

When JerusalemOnline asked Safadi why he refused the Bangladeshi government’s offer, he replied: “I work according to my principles and ideology. I won’t change it regardless what is offered. Also the son of the Prime Minister of Bangladesh has tried to convince me and offered compensation in exchange for ceasing my support for the rights of minorities and the right of human rights activists to fight for the rights of minorities as well as against the radical Islam that is spreading under the auspices of the government.  However, we have irrefutable evidence for the involvement of senior level ruling party members for terror attacks in Bangladesh. All of the evidence has been handed over to professional bodies in the European Parliament and the United Nations.”

In conclusion, Basu begged other nations to support the persecuted Hindu minority within Bangladesh:  “If we leave our motherland, where will we go?  We have the right to get security, to live, to receive employment and an education, and also health facilities within the nation where we were born and raised. We are citizens of Bangladesh and we pay taxes to support the government. The entire world including the Muslim nations have tried to build relations with Israel, so we are also. Not only with Israel but also with the UN, US Congress, European Parliament and British Parliament. Every person has the right to build up relations with any country in the world. The Hindu minority is peaceful and has an interest in knowledge, culture, technology and development. Given the government’s crimes against us, the Awami League should step down and relinquish power for the greater good of Bangladesh and its minority communities.”

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