A Bar-Ilan University lecturer demanded that a female Arab student take off her hijab during his class last week. When she refused, he ordered her to leave the classroom. The lecturer was reprimanded by the university’s administration and has apologized to the student.


Illustration Photo Credit: Flash90 / Serge Attal

A heated verbal altercation took place last week at Bar-Ilan University between a lecturer in the Department of Middle Eastern Studies and a female Arab student. During the lecturer’s class, the student was asked to take off her hijab and when she was refused, the lecturer ordered her to leave the classroom.

In light of the incident, the lecturer apologized to the student and was reprimanded by the university administration after he was summoned to a disciplinary hearing. Many department faculty members were outraged when they heard about their colleague’s behavior and decided to draft a petition denouncing the incident. Although the lecturer has already apologized to the student, he is expected to ask for her forgiveness again in front of the class.

The university stated in response: “The lecturer’s unusual and intolerable act completely contradicts the university’s values. The lecturer acknowledged his mistake and personally apologized to the student.”