The investigation into the model and her mother’s suspected tax evasion nears its end. Yesterday, Globes reported that enough evidence that supports most of the suspicions against Refaeli has been found. Refaeli’s lawyers claim the report is inaccurate and its reliability is unlikely.

World famous Israeli model may face criminal charges for tax evasion

World famous Israeli model may face criminal charges for tax evasion Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

According to yesterday’s report in Globes, it appears that there is enough evidence against the world famous model in the tax evasion scandal that erupted last year. Refaeli and her mother are suspected of evading millions of shekels in taxes. The police say there is substantial evidence supporting most of the claims against them.

This past year, Refaeli was pregnant and after delivering her daughter, according to the report, it was decided not to summon Refaeli for questioning. However, now that enough time has passed, the Israel Tax Authority is interested in aggressively pursuing this case. The investigation is expected to be concluded in the coming weeks, after which the case will be sent to the prosecutors who will decide whether or not to charge Refaeli and her mother.

In an interview with Channel 2 News a month ago, Refaeli said she is not afraid of this scandal and that there will be justice. Refaeli’s lawyers released a statement in response: “To the best of our knowledge the report is false. The matters are currently in a civil investigation with our cooperation. Different issues are still being reviewed and as such, we do not believe there is any credibility in the matter.”