Today, a large mass is being held in memory of the victims of Spain’s terror attacks in the Sagrada Familia cathedral. The King of Spain and the Spanish Prime Minister are present at the mass.

Minute of silence

Minute of silence Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

This morning (Sunday), a mass was held in memory of the victims of the tragic terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils in the cathedral of the Sagrada Familia. The world-famous cathedral is not only one of the city’s most known symbols but was also one of the terror attack’s targets that were prevented.

The King of Spain, the Spanish Prime Minister and other senior-level officials were present at the mass. Meanwhile, Barcelona’s Chief Rabbi Meir Bar-Chen stated that the Jewish community in the region is ‘lost’ due to the rise of radical Islam and the failure of the authorities to deal with the crisis. The rabbi called his followers to leave Spain and move to Israel.

The mass

The mass Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

Senior-level Spanish officials stated that security will be increased in all public events as well as at the French border. Police is preparing ahead of Barcelona’s soccer game, to which approximately 100 thousand people are expected to show. 53 people injured in last week’s terror attacks are still hospitalized across the country and 13 are in life-threatening conditions.

Maintaining hight alert level

Maintaining hight alert level Photo credit: Reuters/ Channel 2 News

As reported yesterday by JOL, Spanish authorities decided to maintain the high alert level in the country, although there is no information regarding any other planned attacks. Authorities are still searching for the suspected driver of the truck.