If you were planning on going to an Israeli beach in the near future, you may want to bring along some vinegar. Massive swarms of jellyfish are beginning to make their way from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea to the Israeli shoreline and are expected to arrive by the weekend. Over this past weekend, may beachgoers reported being stung by jellyfish and their numbers are anticipated to rise.

Felt a sting? Jellyfish make their way to Israel

Video: Diver Roy Gvili/Channel 2 News | Can’t see video? – Click Here

Did you go to an Israeli beach over the weekend and feel a sting? You are not alone. A large, dense swarm of jellyfish covering a huge area were seen off of Ashdod’s shoreline. Large amounts of jellyfish are anticipated to appear on Israeli beaches by next weekend.

Divers within the waters of the Mediterranean Sea spotted a massive swarm of nomad jellyfish beginning about one kilometer away from the shoreline and stretching several hundred kilometers. Beachgoers at several different Israeli beaches claimed that they have already been stung but according to the reports, larger concentrations of jellyfish were spotted mainly along southern Israeli beaches lacking breakwater such as Ashkelon, Ashdod, Palmahim and Nitzanim.

Careful! The jellyfish are on their way

Careful! The jellyfish are on their way Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Since the 1970’s, jellyfish arrive to Israel’s shoreline in massive swarms each year. This is a sea creature that does not behave consistently and its life cycle begins at the bottom of the sea. As a result, it is difficult to know the nature of each swarm and when it is expected to leave.