A Bedouin man in his 20s attacked a security guard in Beersheba and stole his firearm. The suspect fled the scene and after a police manhunt, he was arrested and taken in for questioning. According to the Israel Police, this incident was most likely nationalistically motivated.

Beersheba (illustration)

Beersheba (illustration) Photo Credit: Hadshuti/Channel 2 News

A young man suspected of stealing a security guard’s weapon was arrested today (Thursday) by police in Beersheba. According to the Israel Police, the incident appears to have been nationalistically motivated.

Police officers and investigators in Beersheba were called to the scene after it was reported that a man violently assaulted a security guard and stole his weapon. Police officers who were near the scene spotted the suspect who was walking in a way that caught their attention. The officers approached the suspect in order to search him but he fled. At the end of the short pursuit, the officers arrested the suspect, a resident of the Bedouin village of Hura in the Negev.

When the officers searched the suspect, they discovered the handgun he apparently stole, which was covered in blood stains.