Burglars busted into an iStore at the Azrieli Mall in Be’er Sheva through a hole in the wall. The suspects managed to steal many iPhones and vandalize the store.

The hole the burglars broke through

iStore, the official retail shop of Apple products in Israel, announced this morning (Sunday) that the brand’s store at the Azrieli Mall in Be’er Sheva was broken into by 3 perpetrators. The three broke into the store by making a hole in the wall. They then stole products and stock. The damage caused is estimated to be in the hundreds of thousands of NIS.

This incident took place after there was a very high demand for the iPhone 7 this weekend because the device only arrived in Israel last Thursday. iStore stated that the burglars caused a lot of damage to the store and stole many iPhone devices.

Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The store was broken into in a daring operation in which the burglars infiltrated the mall’s inner passages during daylight and then after cracking the door to the adjacent store, they waited inside quietly. After a while, the burglars broke a hole into the iStore and crawled through it.

The iStore managers called the local police department, which started a manhunt for the thieves who managed to escape. Haim Zagouri, the iStore CEO, said: “A group broke into our main store in Be’er Sheva in an operation that would rival in comparison to Hollywood movies.”

“We expect the Be’er Sheva police department to determinedly investigate this incident and bring the perpetrators swiftly to justice,” said Zagouri. “I hold the Azrieli Mall management completely responsible for the security and safety of the renters in the mall. I’m sure they’ll take every step necessary to ensure similar cases will not happen.”

“When we heard of the break in, the store staff arrived in order to start preparing the store for re-opening,” said the CEO. “The store will be open to the public and back to normal operation within a few days.”