Smash buss, trash stadium’s rest rooms

vandalized bus

vandalized bus Channel 2

Beitar fans took their anger over their teams 1:0 loss to Sakhnin on the busses hired to shuttle them from the parking lot to the stadium and back.   They also trashed the restrooms at Doha Stadium. 

The enraged fans smashed the windows and the seats of the busses hired by Sakhnin as part of the conditions imposed by the police to allow the game to be played in Sakhnin.The police wanted to minimize contact between Beitar’s anti-Arab fans and local residents, and insisted Beitar fans park a few kilomerets away, and be ferried to the stadium and back to their cars by busses hired by Sakhnin.The damage to at least one of the busses was extensive, and the driver filed a complaint with the police.

The fans had alrewady begun rioting while still in the stadium. They trashed the rest rooms, destroying whatever they could, including basins, toilet paper dispensers, taps and even cracking wall tiles and mirrors.

The game itself passed relatively uneventfully. Despite the tense atmosphere in the stands, the players, to their credit did not let it impact events on the pitch. The home team eked out a 1:0 victory, although a draw would have been more indicative of what transpired during the 90 minutes. Beitr had several chances, but its forwards squanderd them.