Just three months after the murderous terror attacks in the Brussels’ metro and airport, Belgian police arrested 12 people suspected of planning new terror attacks within the city following extensive searches of dozens of homes throughout the country.

Policemen in Brussels

Policemen in Brussels Reuters/Channel 2 News

Over the past 24 hours, 12 people were arrested in Belgium, suspected of planning terror attacks in Brussels. According to Belgium’s federal state prosecutor, the arrest was executed by police as part of an extensive search on 40 homes throughout the country. 

In March, there was a horrific terror attack in the Belgian capital, in which two suicide bombers blew themselves up adjacent to the American Airlines desk in the departures terminal. About an hour later, an additional suicide bomber blew himself up at the Molenbeek metro station, which is near the European Union headquarters in the city. 32 people were murdered and 340 were injured in the ruthless terror attack.

March 2016: The scene of the terror attack on Brussels’ airport

March 2016: The scene of the terror attack on Brussels’ airport Channel 2 News

Following the terror attack, Belgian security forces decided to halt rail services to and from the airport. Likewise, the entire area surrounding the airport was closed off in order to isolate the scene of the terror attack. As a result, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands raised the security levels within their territories.

Three weeks ago, the US State Department released a severe and unprecedented travel warning to European countries for the whole summer, out of fear that terror attacks could be carried out at tourist attractions, restaurants, and on public transportation. The warning also includes the UEFA Euro 2016, currently being held in France.