We are Tasneem and Larisa.


We are Tasneem and Larisa.

We are two students in Israel.

We live in the same city and are in the same age range. We study in different schools, but we both attend a project that is being held in “ORT” schools all around the country, called “Eye2Israel”. It’s a program where teens talk about our country from the point of view that only teenagers can provide.

Tasneem studies in an Arabic school, majors in Physics and Chemistry and she’s 16 years old. Larisa studies in a Jewish school, majors in Communication and Theater and she’s 15 years old.

We are both aware of the fragile situation happening in Israel, of the differences of opinion leading to physical actions and in the end, affecting innocent people.

Just a few days ago, a Palestinian stabbed two Jewish people to death, until the police managed to reach him and neutralize him. On another occasion, a Jewish person stabbed another Jewish person in a mall because he suspected he was an Arab. We could go on and on about these incidents, blood is shed nonstop and we are not happy with this situation. We know we don’t have the power to stop it as it happens, but we have the power to prevent it.

There’s a message we want to spread.

The message of coexistence

We live in a mixed city, part Arab, part Jewish and we are full of colors and diversion, we have festivals celebrating the holidays of both religions, we have school meetings between Arab and Jewish schools, like all people we have our differences but we both agree.
You don’t have the right to take away a person’s life just because you don’t agree with them.

Recently, we marked the anniversary of our Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin’s assassination. He was murdered after giving a speech about peace. Ironic isn’t it?

He was murdered for his opinions, for trying to make this country if not the world, a better place to live in, to co-exist in. Now that we are sitting here together, reviewing these things we understand that only acts of peace will lead to a better life. War will only achieve war. Violence is never the solution. Especially not the kind that ends another person’s life.

So, We are Tasneem and Larisa. And we believe in Peace, and we hope we made a part of you believe in it as well 🙂