The HaBayit Hayehudi Chairman is demanding changes to the Security Cabinet, without which he may object to Lieberman’s appointment on Monday.

Photo credit: Chaim Horestein/Channel 2 News

With an ongoing rift between Likud and HaBayit Hayehudi, which may jeopardize the appointment of MK Avigdor Lieberman as Defense Minister, political sources have launched indirect talks with MK Naftali Bennett in order to reach an agreement with him. Bennett is currently threatening to vote against Lieberman’s appointment if certain changes to the Security Cabinet are not made.

Bennett’s main demand from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is to appoint a military secretary to the Cabinet, who would provide ministers with important information and arrange meetings with top security officials. “No leader should vote for sending our men to Gaza or Lebanon, knowing that some of them may not return, without fully understanding what he is voting for, without getting the full picture, without being able to ask the right questions,” Bennett said on Friday in a speech in front of university students in Tel Aviv.

If Bennett and his party members vote against the appointment on Monday, this could give the opposition an advantage and thwart the move. If the crisis is not resolved soon, the vote may be postponed once again.

Though it is assumed a solution can be reached within the next few days, political sources estimate that if HaBayit Hayehudi thwart the move, all of their ministers – Bennett, Ayelet Shaked and Uri Ariel – will be fired.