“No Palestinian state will be established here.” In an interview with Israel’s Meet the Press, Israel’s Education Minister talks about all of the heated topics and places boundaries for Prime Minister Netanyahu.

‘No Palestinian state will be established here’

‘No Palestinian state will be established here’ Channel 2 News

 For the first time since his confrontation with Prime Minister Netanyahu, Education Minister Naftali Bennett criticized this evening (Saturday) the voices heard from the government supporting a two state solution and calling for a political process to begin. “We will make the government fall with anything that leads to the division of the Land of Israel and the establishment of a Palestinian state. We will fight against it,” he declared on Meet the Press.

“No Palestinian state will be established here. I will do everything in order to prevent it,” said Bennett. “We are in a government whose guidelines do not have a Palestinian state. As long as we are here, no Palestinian state will be established on Highway 6, five minutes from Kfar Saba. They will not divide Jerusalem.”

Bennett directly declined to discuss his confrontations with Prime Minister Netanyahu, yet he implicitly voiced his critical remarks. “It’s no secret that there is a dispute,” he said referring to the diplomatic issue. “We do not need to give up one centimeter of land. I don’t understand what all the talk is about. I don’t have a problem with a regional conference if it looks at broader things.”

“It’s no secret that there is a dispute”

“It’s no secret that there is a dispute” Channel 2 News

In addition to his aggressive statements, Bennett said that he would not oppose the Zionist Union joining the government, if the option becomes relevant. “I am not boycotting the Zionist Union. We need to expand the government,” he said. “There was a faltering government here and I am ready to introduce any party as long as the government’s principles don’t change.”

“This is another typical PR stunt from Bennett’s workshop. Bennett knows very well that Prime Minister Netanyahu stands like a fortified wall against the return to ’67 borders and the division of Jerusalem. He is trying to take credit for the red lines that Netanyahu placed and is presenting them as so-called edicts to the Prime Minister. It is a false presentation,” the Likkud Party replied in an official statement.