In an interview to Channel 2 News, Education Minister Bennett says his party will continue to reject the notion of a Palestinian state.

Photo credit: Miriam Alster, Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Amid statements made this week by the Prime Minister and Defense Minister that hinted at a possible renewal of peace talks with the Palestinians, HaBayit Hayehudi Chairman MK Naftali Bennett said on Thursday he remains firm on preventing the establishment of a Palestinian state and would be willing to dissolve the government if needed.

“Netanyahu and Lieberman are wrong,” Bennett said in an interview to Channel 2 News, which will be aired in its entirety on Saturday. “So long as we’re in this government, this isn’t going to happen. We would quit it.”

“We shouldn’t accept any peace initiative or renew peace talks,” said the country’s Education Minister. “I am the only leader in Israel who says clearly – there will not be a Palestine here. I insisted to include this in the government’s basic guidelines.”

“We will stand strong against historic mistakes,” Bennett added. “If it involves withdrawing to the 1967 lines and the partition of Jerusalem – not only will I quit the government, I will bring it down.”