A day after two masked gunmen shot and injured a 17-year-old at his high school in Jaljulia, Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett visited the shooting scene and promised to increase the security in and around the school.

Photo credit: Wikipedia/MDA

Israel’s Education Minister Naftali Bennett on Thursday visited the high school in the Israeli-Arab town of Jaljulia in which a 17-year-old student was shot and injured by two masked gunmen. Bennett vowed to assist the school in dealing with the trauma and in increasing security.

“I came this morning to visit the teachers and the students, who are traumatized,” Bennett said. “This is a very serious incident. We are already dealing with increasing the security and assisting the school. For me, every student here is like my own child and has the right to safety and excellent education.”

On Wednesday, gunmen opened fire after entering the school shortly after noon. With dozens of students present, they shot and injured a 17-year-old student in his legs.

The school’s parent council is considering announcing an indefinite strike in response to the incident. “We never thought the violence in the Arab sector would reach such a level,” said Wahabi, the head of the parent council. “It’s terrible, deeply upsetting and we are helpless. We feel that our children are not protected in their school.”