The families of terror victims are demanding that the IDF stop working with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel due to the help and legal services it offers terrorists. After the military refused, the families turned to Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman.


Liberman Photo Credit: Ariel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

Bereaved families are demanding that Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman stop the IDF from sending a representative to an ongoing training course led by the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. The course deals with humanitarian law and how it applies to the West Bank.

Despite the families’ request, the Military Advocate General decided to send a representative. According to the families, the Israeli military should not be cooperating with the association because it represents terrorists and provides legal services to Palestinians who are directly involved in acts of terrorism.

“I’m calling on Defense Minister Liberman not to work with the Association for Civil Rights in Israel,” Hadas Mizrahi, the widow of Baruch Mizrahi, who was murdered in 2014, said. “They help terrorists. I’ve seen them several times, whether it’s in the prisons as they care for terrorists or at the Supreme Court as they look out for their human rights. Where are my human rights?”

The IDF stated in response that the course is an annual event, attended by government and military officials, that is sponsored by the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and the Association for Civil Rights in Israel. The Israeli army added that the IDF representative’s lesson in the course deals with the Military Advocate General’s professional responsibilities.