After he saw the verbal argument between MKs and bereaved families last week, Shaul Chitiyat decided to demand that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologize. He interrupted the prime minister when he was delivering a speech during the opening ceremony for a new remembrance hall for Israel’s fallen soldiers.

Netanyahu and Chitiyat

Netanyahu and Chitiyat Photo Credit: Hillel Meir (TPS)/Channel 2 News

When Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke at the opening ceremony for a new remembrance hall for Israel’s fallen soldiers at Mount Herzl today (Sunday), he was interrupted by Shaul Chitiyat, a bereaved father who lost his son in 1996.

“Even on this holy day, I can’t forgive the tears of Leah Goldin,” he yelled, referring to Lieutenant Hadar Goldin’s mother, who got into a verbal argument with MKs last week. “Her tears required an immediate response and a request for forgiveness.” Chitiyat then sat back down and allowed Netanyahu to continue his speech without any further interruptions.

“I waited until he read the first paragraph, which did not contain a word and a half about the upsetting incident,” Chitiyat told Channel 2 Online. “What will happen tomorrow? What will happen in two days?”

“Why am I so upset?” Chitiyat continued. “After I said what I said, he just continued like it was nothing. At such a moment, there’s no shame in asking for forgiveness.”