Hummus, fava beans, falafel and much more: Here in the Middle East, we are surrounded by delicious yet simple food that has gained a lot of positive recognition throughout the world over the past few years. CNN decided to rank the 20 best Middle Eastern dishes and where is the best place to eat them, with hummus ranking in first place and a Jerusalem hummus joint as the place to eat it.

Hummus with fava beans and egg

Hummus with fava beans and egg Photo Credit: Nati Shohat/Flash90

Middle Eastern food is fresh, filling, rich, healthy while its flavors delight the palette. Over the past decade, Middle Eastern food has taken over the world and is no longer reserved to the streets of Jerusalem, Beirut or Amman.

CNN recruited the help of Lebanese-American food blogger Bethany Kehdy to ask what her favorite dish is from the Middle East. Kehdy stated that her favorite is m’jaddarrah, a stew made of lentils slow-cooked with burghul and caramelized onions and served with a side of zesty cabbage salad. However, the huge Middle Eastern food ranking, which took 20 restaurant owners and food experts, had a different choice in mind.

Shawarma came in 11th place

Shawarma came in 11th place Photo Credit: CNN/Channel 2 News

The non-contested first place winner was hummus. “The big daddy chickpea spread can be slathered on anything from a burger or baked potato to the traditional hot pita bread,” wrote CNN. Yet, it was not just any hummus that won over the food experts’ taste buds, but rather hummus from one of the restaurants near the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City that was crowned as the tastiest and most highly recommended: Abu Shukri.