70. Vertigo

Best 100 Movies Ever 70 - Vertigo
Story: A retired San Francisco detective suffering from acrophobia investigates the strange activities of an old friend’s wife, all the while becoming dangerously obsessed with her. Details: Director – Alfred Hitchcock, release – 1958, starring James Stewart, Kim Novak and Barbara Bel Geddes.

Did You Know? The film was unavailable for decades because its rights (together with four other pictures of the same period) were bought back by Alfred Hitchcock and left as part of his legacy to his daughter. They’ve been known for long as the infamous “Five Lost Hitchcocks” amongst film buffs, and were re-released in theatres around 1984 after a 30-year absence.

69. Oldboy

Best 100 Movies Ever 69 - Oldboy
Story: After being kidnapped and imprisoned for 15 years, Oh Dae-Su is released, only to find that he must find his captor in 5 days. Details: Director – Chan-wook Park, release – 2003, starring Min-sik Choi and Ji-tae Yu.

Did You Know? Four live octopodes were eaten for the scene with Dae-su in the sushi bar, a scene which provoked some controversy abroad. Eating live octopus in Korea is commonplace although it is usually sliced first. When the film won the Grand Prix at Cannes, the director thanked the octopodes along with the cast and crew.

68. Princess Mononoke

Best 100 Movies Ever 68 - Princess Mononoke
Story: On a journey to find the cure for a Tatarigami’s curse, Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest gods and Tatara, a mining colony. In this quest he also meets San, the Mononoke Hime. Details: Director – Hayao Miyazaki, release – 1997, starring Billy Crudup, Billy Bob Thornton and Minnie Driver.

Did You Know? Director Hayao Miyazaki personally corrected or redrew more than 80,000 of the film’s 144,000 animation cels. This is the last major animated motion picture to be filmed on plastic animation cels. With a runtime of 134 minutes (2 hour and 14 minutes), it is the second longest animated film ever made after Final Yamato (1983) (165 minutes).

67. North by Northwest

Best 100 Movies Ever 67 - North by Northwest
Story: A hapless New York advertising executive is mistaken for a government agent by a group of foreign spies, and is pursued across the country while he looks for a way to survive. Details: Director – Alfred Hitchcock, release – 1959, starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint.

Did You Know? During the climactic Mt. Rushmore scene at the end of the film, the top of the mountain set, and equipment, are clearly visible for a number of seconds. And also, many of the autos used in the early scenes (the NY taxi, the Glen Cove police car and the county detectives car) are 1958 Ford sedans.

66. Citizen Kane

Best 100 Movies Ever 66 - Citizen Kane
Story: Following the death of a publishing tycoon, news reporters scramble to discover the meaning of his final utterance. Details: Director – Orson Welles, release – 1941, starring Joseph Cotten and Dorothy Comingore.

Did You Know? In the scene where Bernstein enters the Inquirer amidst a pile of boxes and luggage, some of the boxes are labeled “891” and “LOT 891.” Unit 891 was the WPA theater company Orson Welles directed for (and starred with) before shooting this picture. Have you noticed? One of the posters advertising Susan Alexander’s opera appearance shown in the newsreel misspells her first name “Suzan”.

65. Aliens

Best 100 Movies Ever 65 - Aliens
Story: The planet from Alien (1979) has been colonized, but contact is lost. This time, the rescue team has impressive firepower, but will it be enough? Details: Director – James Cameron, release – 1986, starring Sigourney Weaver.

Did You Know? Sigourney Weaver’s Best Actress Academy Award nomination for this movie was the first ever for an actress in a role in an action movie. And also, in both the standard and special edition versions, the fifteen minute countdown at the end of the film is indeed fifteen minutes.

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