Google surpasses Israel Electric Corporation for the first time as the best workplace in Israel. This is the first time in four years that IEC is not the top ranked workplace in Israel.

Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

Where do Israelis enjoy working the most? After four years in which the Israel Electric Corporation stood at the top of the list, this year Google managed to surpass them. More mentionable companies include: Intel (3rd),Teva (4th), and Bank Leumi  (5th).

The ranking is based on employee opinions with the salaries being chosen by most as an important factor. Workplace stability as well as industrial relations were chosen by most employees as important factors, as with last year’s poll.

Six among the top ten companies are high-tech companies, with Amadox entering the top ten companies for the first time, ranking 9th this year.

High-tech companies rank 38% on this year’s list, followed by the finance sector and then the trade sector.

New companies that made it to the list this year include: Cyberark (45th), Playtika (46th), Hot (67th), Mimun Yashir (75th), Colmobil (80th), Nova (80st), Champion Motors (92nd), Intuit (95th), Bezeq International (96th), Amazon (98th) and Paypal (99th).