The Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has warned his electorate base in an address given in Hebrew that the Israeli right is in danger of losing power on election day. In the video posted on social media sites, the prime minister asked voters to “Return to the Likud”.

“The right-wing government is in danger as Benny Gantz and Yair Lapid are are ahead of us at the moment by four-five seats,”Netanyahu said.

“If the people of the right don’t pull themselves together and go as one person to the polling station and vote for Likud, a left-wing government by Lapid and Gantz will be established here.”

“In order that there will be a Likud government, a right-wing government, you must only vote for Likud,” the prime minister said.

The leader of the leftist Ha’Avoda Party Avi Gabbay chided Netanyahu by posting video clips of Netanyahu saying the same exact thing during 2015’s general election.

Blue and White Candidate Benny Gantz is also trying to motivate his base as they head to vote this Tuesday.

“On Tuesday there is a historical need and a historic opportunity,” Gantz

“Everything we see in the country will be reversed: We will come to work for the country, not demand the country work for us,” he added

Even with all this jostling, according to the law, it is ultimately up to Israeli President Reuven Rivlin to decide who will be tasked to form a coalition based on who will be best suited to do so after the results are in.

In a leaked conversation last week, Netanyahu was heard  saying that Rivlin is “just looking for an excuse” to give a chance to Gantz to establish a coalition government.

Rivlin, condemned the remarks of the Prime Minister by calling them calling them a “despicable attempt to harm the public’s trust in the president’s decision after the elections.”

According to news pundits, even if the White and Blue party wins a few more seats than Likud they most likely would not be able to form a coalition. This is because the Likud together with the other right wing parties would provide enough seats for a ruling majority, while the Blue and White party’s seats together with the center, left and Arabs parties would not be able to do so

If Netanyahu is tapped by Rivlin to build a coalition and is successful in doing so he would break David Ben-Gurion’s record (13 years) as longest serving Prime Minister.