President Joe Biden’s administration backs a two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, but will “maintain its steadfast support” for the Jewish state.

In a virtual speech to the UN Security Council on Tuesday, Acting US Ambassador to the UN Richard Mills said that the US would urge Israel and the Palestinians “to avoid unilateral steps that make a two-state solution more difficult, such as the annexation of territory, settlement activity, demolition, incitement to violence, and providing compensation for individuals imprisoned for acts of terrorism”.

Mills pledged that the Biden administration would continue urging other countries to normalize ties with Israel while admitting that it was “not a substitute for Israeli-Palestinian peace”.

He also signaled America’s support for a “viable Palestinian state”, stressing that the Biden administration plans to take steps to reopen the Palestinian diplomatic mission in Washington, previously closed by former US President Donald Trump.

“President Biden has been clear that he intends to restore US assistance programs that support economic development programs and humanitarian aid to the Palestinian people, and to take steps to reopen diplomatic relations that were closed by the last US administration”, Mills pointed out.

The remarks came as White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki told reporters on Tuesday that Biden believes “a two-state solution remains the only path forward” for peace between Israel and the Palestinians.