Aaron Keyak, the Biden campaign’s director for Jewish engagement, said the Democratic presidential candidate will return the U.S. to the 2015 nuclear deal during a virtual meeting on Tuesday hosted by the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

The title of the meeting was “The Jewish Vote: Why Jewish voters will support Joe Biden.”

Keyak said Biden would bring Iran back into compliance with the 2015 nuclear agreement, known officially as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Biden will “verifiably prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and find verifiable ways to ensure that it doesn’t happen in the long-term.”

He also slammed President Donald Trump for leaving the Nuclear agreement.

“It is hard to draw up a more disastrous policy than the one President Trump has executed,” he said.

“He tore up a deal with Iran that was working to prevent that country from obtaining nuclear weapons… He went out of his way to actively infuriate our allies in Europe and throughout the world,” he said.

Keyak suggested the only reason Trump left the agreement was that it was working “and he couldn’t stand it. So he tore it up.”