After months of attempts, Israeli investigators finally collect an open testimony from Australian billionaire James Packer regarding the Netanyahu Gifts Affair investigation, with the help of the Australian authorities.

James Packer

James Packer Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

After Israeli investigators spent months trying to coordinate an overseas interview with James Packer, the Australian billionaire finally gave an open testimony on the Netanyahu Gifts Affair yesterday (Tuesday) but was not questioned as a suspect. Packer spoke in Australia with Australian investigators regarding the suspicions against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for bribery and receiving favors.

After deliberating whether Packer should be questioned under caution, it was finally decided to take his testimony after all, as Israeli investigators worked with their Australian counterparts behind the scenes. Regarding Packer’s involvement in the Netanyahu Gifts Affair, the suspicion is that Israeli billionaire Arnon Milchan recruited him at a certain stage so that the two would together, bear the financial burden of the hundreds of thousands of shekels in gifts they gave the Netanyahu family.

Arnon Milchan with Netanyahu

Arnon Milchan with Netanyahu Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

About two weeks ago, Channel 2 News revealed that as part of the affair’s investigation, Israel police were also looking into a connection between Yair Netanyahu’s friend to Packer. Under the investigation’s framework, the Israel Police examined how Yair’s friend, a person without any higher education or employment experience, was able to obtain a position working for Packer, earning tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Since the opening of the investigation into Netanyahu, contact between the Netanyahu family and Packer has been cut off. Packer is the third generation of one of Australia’s most famous family, which for years dominated the continent’s communications market. After his father’s death, Packer sold the media business and established an empire in the field of gambling and resorts.

Through Packer’s friendship and partnership with Milchan, he became acquainted with the Netanyahus. According to suspicions, Packer’s real estate holdings around the world were even utilized by Netanyahu’s son during vacations, and even the prime minister himself, during meetings.