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Op-Ed: Democracy in a real crisis

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Kurdish writer Chiman Salih claims that the United States is unfortunately backing down from its role as the protector of democracy, essentially leaving the people in underdeveloped nations to fend for themselves.

Kurdish voters celebrate referendum results Photo Credit: EPA-EFE

In the wake of the French Revolution, democracy in Europe started to restrict the authority of kings. Since then, democracy, especially in the West, has spread and developed into a characteristic of modern governments that is admired by the less developed world as suppressed nations dream of the day that democracy comes to their region. However, the West seems to be retreating from spreading democracy around the world.

In the past, the West was not only protecting the democratic principles from almost all the new theoretical ideas but also used them to spread democracy. This was the case, for example, with the liberal economic theory of Adam Smith. But, I’m starting to notice that the guard has turned to a burglar and democracy won’t be safe anymore because the United States is deviating from its major role.

Since US President Donald Trump took office, the act of building and supporting democracy overseas has been removed from the diplomacy priorities of the US State Department, even though this matter had been considered for decades a crucial element that helps ensure America’ security. Why is it no longer an essential matter? What’s replaced it? Are the other competing powers able to undertake the US role?

I don’t think the answers to these questions will be optimistic, and some experts even believe that we are witnessing the world gradually giving up on freedom and reembracing authoritarianism.

When the people in underdeveloped countries were tottering under the brutal fists of dictatorships, they had only one misery, but now, under the dictators who have wrapped themselves in the fake democracy pantomime, their chagrins cannot be counted, and they don’t know what will happen to them the next day.

Nowadays, deceiving procrastination occurs loudly and shamelessly throughout election campaigns. Starving a group to win the acceptance of another group has plagued the election trail.  

For example, since late October 2017, Baghdad has imposed a ban on international flights and the supply of medication to patients. The Iraqi government is determined to punish the Kurdish people for holding the September 2017 referendum. In fact, due to this ban, a number of patients who had chronic diseases lost their lives because of the lack of medicine.

Since, the aftermath of the referendum, the Kurdistan people have been waiting for their salaries from the Iraqi government, which has been withholding them. This policy of starving the Kurdish people has reached the peak.

The rulers in many countries are now abusing their power and exceeding even the already existing brittle law. I’ve concluded, unfortunately, from the behavior of the United States that it has decided to only secure advantages that benefit it from the resources of some countries in the world without any regards for the situation of ordinary people in other parts of the world.  

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